Brokerage owner, Charline Wright, shares five books that helped her become a better business owner.  

The Servant Leader
James Autry
I read this book early in my real estate career and was delighted to find a name for my leadership style. Servant leadership means that you nurture the needs and goals of those you lead by managing with respect, honesty, love and spirituality. What I learned from this book helps me attract and retain caring brokers, and recognize and encourage each broker’s unique skillset. Currently, I’m reading two similar books: Lead Like Jesus and Leaders Eat Last.

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster
Darren Hardy
Hardy believes that 66 percent of all small businesses fail because of internal and emotional reasons. He says that the best small business owners are skilled at sales, recruiting, leadership and productivity, and provides strategies to improve each skill. This book helped me be consistent. Hardy also wrote The Compound Effect, which helps you create positive habits. 

The E-Myth Revisited
Michael Gerber
This is the revised edition of Gerber’s best seller, which I read when I was beginning my own business. It’s a great read for those just starting out, because he smartly guides you through each phase: entrepreneurial infancy, adolescent growing pains, and the mature entrepreneur. Gerber also talks about how common assumptions and working on your business working in your business can trip us up and prevent growth. 

The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth am I Here For?
Rich Warren
In this book, pastor Rick Warren, talks about passion and provides a spiritual roadmap for finding your purpose. Because of this book, I believe that using my God-given skills is a form of worship, and I’m really focused on my why: helping brokers, home owners and my community reach their potential and thrive. This is a must-read if you’re wondering why you’re alive and if your life really matters. God has a plan for you!

Oh, By the Way: A Wonderful Way to Sell and Be Sold to:
Brian Buffini
A great rags to riches story! Buffini is an Irish Immigrant and entrepreneur who now owns one of the largest business coaching and training companies in North America. His relationship-based referral systems and trainings have contributed so much to my success. This book inspired me to become a certified trainer and offer a once yearly 12-week Peak Producers program that teaches brokers how to generate leads and grow your business by building relationships with past, present and potential clients. We’re an ongoing resource no matter where you are in the home ownership cycle!


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