In a similar offer situation, sellers often choose one buyer over another because of a love letter. A love letter tells a seller why they should choose your offer and sparks an emotional connection. In today’s blog, owner Charline Wright shares 5 tips for writing a love letter, and a sample love letter that her clients used to help get their offer accepted. 


1. Explain who you are
2. Build the letter around what you learned at the showing
3. Relate to the seller 
4. Explain what your plans are for the home
5. Use enthusiastic, personal language


Dear Seller, 

My husband and I were greeted by two deer in the front yard of your property and we thought they were the perfect welcoming committee for two nature-lovers who want nothing more from a home than somewhere to live a simple life together, where we can enjoy each other’s company. (1) 

We are newlyweds and believe your home would be a beautiful place to start the next chapter in our life together. I loved the huge grin on my husband’s face as he walked around your property and talked about how he would sit in your beautifully landscaped yard and enjoy the view. And of course, that well-designed shop had him at hello! (2)

Like you, my husband is also from Stevenson. (3) I am from Washougal so living here would put us in the middle of both our families. Family is important to us and we even asked my father-in-law to view your home before we made an offer. He loved it, too! In fact, he invited himself over for Christmas dinner and told us we should put the tree in front of the large picture window!

My mom is single and getting older, and we would love to convert your unfinished room into a mother-in-law suite. (4) This is the first home that we’ve found with that option and it was a huge selling point for us. 

I would be happy living anywhere if my husband is by my side (my family calls him my “Big Country Teddy Bear”) (5) but, spending our life in your home would be one of our biggest blessings. We promise to take care of it, each other… and the deer.