When Dina Mihaiuc was 21 years-old, she and her father fled from their home in communist Romania in search of a better life in the United States.

After arriving in Vancouver, WA, Dina quickly learned English and worked as a house cleaner and a caregiver in an adult foster care home while putting herself through a dental assistant program at a local community college. For the next 20 years, she worked as a dental assistant in a local dentist office.

During that time, she and her husband, John, who immigrated from the same small town in Romania, began a plumbing-turned-general contracting business. Since 2000, they have bought, transformed, and leased several rental properties in the Camas-Washougal area.

In 2015, the couple listed their personal home for-sale-by-owner and Dina’s interest in real estate was piqued. She earned her license the following year and today draws upon her customer service and property management experience to help clients fulfill their real estate goals

Dina says growing up under the watchful eye of a communist regime who restricted communication and encouraged suspicion amongst neighbors, made her realize the important role that communication plays in building trust and friendship in her business. Today, consistent communication plays a key role in her business strategy. “I like to give my clients updates no matter how small they are so that they know what’s going on in their transaction and that they matter to me. People come in and they’re worried about, ‘Am I getting a good deal?’ and ‘What’s happening in my transaction?’ I’m working with people who are stressed and afraid, so I need to know how to calm their fears and explain the process.”

Dina says her “immigrant mentality” has been instrumental to her success and that she’s wired for opportunity. While in Romania, she worked the land and harvested potatoes and corn at just six-years-old, before studying accounting at a Romanian University – a skill that helps her to better serve real estate clients. “College was free but very competitive and I got in on merit basis,” says Dina. “I had to study and work hard to be accepted, and learned that nothing is given to you or owed to you. I love to have things organized just like accounting is and it’s helped me in real estate.”

Dina also draws on her remodeling experience to help educate homeowners about what upgrades will add value to their home, and to help buyers recognize a home’s potential and identify ways the home can be updated and how those repairs might cost. “For some people, home ownership is frightening because they think, ‘Am I going to be able to maintain my home or fix it if something goes wrong?’ Sometimes I bring my husband with me, and as a plumber and a general contractor, he can alert them to red flags and give them an idea of how much repairs or upgrades will cost so that they know what they’re getting into.”  

“Buying or selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. It feels good to walk you through something that can feel so scary and help calm your fears. Hopefully we’ll become friends, too.”

To learn more about how Dina can help with your real estate needs, contact her at 360-910-5154 or realtordina.mihaiuc@gmail.com