Are you looking for a home to buy? When you see a For Sale sign in a yard, it can be really tempting to get out of your car and take a quick walk around the property or peep in a window. But, please don’t! I understand your excitement and the sense of urgency that you might feel in today’s low inventory market, and that’s why I want to share three tips about buyer courtesy and how you can show respect to sellers. 

1. Do not walk around someone’s property without permission.
It is considered trespassing to enter someone’s property without permission. A For Sale sign in the yard is not an invitation to walk around freely. Also, the home may not be vacant. Currently, one of my sellers is very distressed because of the number of buyers who are walking through and around her home without permission. It can be unsettling! 

2. Do not knock on the door and ask if you can view the home. 
It is not safe for the seller to let random strangers into the home. Remember, the seller listed with a real estate brokerage because he or she did not want to show the home or negotiate directly with buyers. Plus, knocking on the door could annoy the person whose house you may want to buy.  

3. Always call your real estate broker or the listing broker if you want to view the home or yard. 
Remember, a For Sale sign in a yard just announces that a home is on the market and provides contact information. Working with a broker is your best chance for seeing the home and getting your offer accepted quickly, and your broker will make sure you’re not wasting your time by looking at a bunch of properties that don’t meet your search criteria or price range.