Brokerage owner Charline Wright shares 3 reasons why community is important to her, and how her brokerage is a little bit different from most 

At Columbia River Realty, we believe that part of our job as a local real estate business is to make sure our backyard continues to grow and thrive. We do that by building positive connections with homeowners, businesses, and schools in our community; by sponsoring local events and clubs that enhance the quality of life in our community such as 4-H, Dinner in White on the Columbia, and Festival of Trees; and by educating our clients and readers about all the wonderful features that make SW Washington and particularly Washougal a beautiful place to live. 

I believe that a real estate brokerage—perhaps more than any other business—should be involved in and care about the community that their office is in for a few reasons:

Three Reasons Why Community is Important to Columbia River Realty:

  1. Better schools and community features attract more residents and businesses to the region and create more opportunities for all of us. Yes, more homeowners moving here means potential profitability for our brokers, but as we grow, it affords us the opportunity to support other local small business. In the last year, we’ve been able to hold two appreciation events at Wild Flour Café! 

  2. Because our brokers are backyard real estate experts, they can share with you their perspective about what it’s really like to live and work here and offer invaluable insight about community features such as recreation and retail. Did you know that one of our brokers is the president of the Downtown Washougal Association, and that other brokers can be found teaching a local yoga class and coaching a high school golf team? Also, I was a local 4-H leader for years. 

  3. We believe that we’re doing our part to cultivate an appreciative community and inspire others to get involved. Celebrating all that our beautiful community offers is a way for us to honor our roots and the efforts of those that came before us. My husband and I live on a 95-acre farm just east of Washougal that has been in our family for four generations. I opened a brokerage here because Washougal has a special place in my heart. 

I don’t know of any other brokerage that shares community-related posts on social media like we do, but I like that we are different and I hope you do too. Later this week, I will share a video in which I talk to you about community features that can increase your property value.