Local Business Spotlight: Courtney Wilkinson Agency, COUNTRY Financial
“Helping people one simple step at a time”

At 11-years-old, Courtney Wilkinson, LUTCF, learned how fragile life could be when a car accident left her father physically impaired. Courtney developed a passion for helping others while watching her father struggle with daily adversity, and today, she owns a successful insurance business that is fueled by her desire to protect clients and their families from the financial devastation and heartache that often comes from life’s most chaotic events.

“I watched what my father went through and how it affected our family, and I developed a natural intuition and ability to relate emotionally with the challenges that people are going through,” says Courtney. “I decided to get into the insurance industry because I truly believed that I could make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

In 2003, Courtney became a financial representative with COUNTRY Financial. She and her husband, Kurt, opened a COUNTRY Financial office in Washougal’s Evergreen Marketplace in 2008 to be closer to their home. They offer auto, home, business, life, disability, long-term care, and farm insurance, as well as college and retirement planning.

“It’s my empathetic nature that motivates me to make sure my clients are well protected,” says Courtney. “I listen and guide them through some of life's toughest experiences, and most days, I feel more like a counselor than an insurance agent. Many clients have been with me for a very long time because they see that I don’t just sell policies; I care, and I become connected and emotionally invested in them.”

“I’ve always been drawn to people. My mother tells this story from when I was 4-years-old, and we walked into a building to pay her utility bill. I started giggling and got the whole building laughing at one point. She said, ‘You were like a “light” that filled the room.’ When I’m meeting with clients, I try to bring some of that light into their world.”

Courtney wants people to know that choosing the right insurance doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated, and that she helps you take one simple step at a time. For those thinking about purchasing insurance, she says, “It’s never too early to plan ahead; don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions if you’re unsure about something; and make sure you check all your boxes – it doesn’t need to be the biggest or best policy, but something is better than nothing.”

Courtney played college volleyball and says owning her own insurance business also fulfills her competitive drive and goal-oriented nature. “I work hard to meet the goals that I’ve set for myself, and my life as a competitive athlete prepared me for having to work hard, not give up when there are obstacles that you need to overcome, and truly believe in yourself at all times.” 

Courtney is deeply involved in the Camas-Washougal community and often sponsors local events, school activities, athletic teams, and honorable causes. She says, “I always knew if I was able to help contribute as an adult that I would do so. If there’s just one kid I can help in the same way, like the great coaches that were influential in helping me become the person I am today, then I feel like I’ve succeeded. It’s so rewarding to see kids learn and grow into awesome human beings. We all need good role models in this life. You can’t take it with you, so make contributions and give back.”

“I feel truly blessed and grateful to work with great people every day of my life. The business has become my life and I’ve literally grown up with COUNTRY Financial. It’s very rewarding in so many ways. Most importantly, when one of your good friends has a tragedy, you are by their side, helping them through the chaos, and letting them know it’s going to get better.”

Country Financial is located at 3307 Evergreen Way, Ste. 602, in the Evergreen Marketplace. For more information, call 210-4434 or visit www.countryfinancial.com/courtney.wilkinson.